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And So It Begins (An Introduction)

The author explains about what you can expect from his modest web project

There’s never a better time to start than the present, they say. With that in mind, and also for the sake of ending years of procrastination on my part, I welcome you to my new official website. Hi, my name is Emilio Gómez. Within these digital confines I plan to encompass as best I can all of my work, written or otherwise, from the past 15 years, as well as random opinions on my tastes and ideas: film, videogames, art, graphic design, storytelling, advertising, web hosting, social media, love, comedy, death, taxes, alcohol, gourmet cuisine, fast food, slow cars… in short, everything that makes me tick or as much as I can safely put here.

A Work in Progress

You’ll pardon the mess. I still have a few kinks to work out on the design and programming side and a lot of content to sort out and upload. Texts will be posted, corrected and entirely deleted on a whim. Categories will come and go. It’ll be weird for all of us at first, I’m sure, but bear with me. Any constructive criticism will be considered and appreciated, so leave your comments below. I’ll have a contact page working as well, eventually. In the meantime you can also find me as Emilio Gómez or Emilio Rafael Gómez on social media (the tilde is optional). I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. Click on your favorite here to follow me or scroll down to the foot of this page and find more social media options.

Also, I have a long list of posts and articles I wish to share with you that I must first translate to English. Why English? Because most of the Spanish versions are already available online, plus more people around the world will be able to read them. Am I being elitist? Probably, but I need the practice.

Emilio Gómez was Here

Still, I do appreciate you taking the time to visit. I hope you find something to your liking here that at the very least makes your day a little better. Come anytime you wish. Mi casa es su casa.

“It has begun!” Cue maniacal laughter!

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