Steam Roller: Adventures had and lessons learned on Valve's gaming platform
Steam Roller: Once a Gamer

Once a Gamer…

An introduction to my column about playing videogames in midlife and the Steam platform experience in general

Hi, my name is Emilio and I play videogames. It’s not one of those AA confessions where I admit my problem. This isn’t denial, it’s a simple fact: my main form of entertainment for the better part of near four decades has been of the digital interactive fashion. And the main supplier of said entertainment has probably been Steam.

Steam Roller Begins

It’s safe to say Valve Corporation’s titles and their digital content delivery platform revived my interest in videogames. So the time has come to share some of the tips, tricks and experiences I’ve gathered after more than 7 years of being part of that particular community. That’s where Steam Roller comes in. It’s my new column about all things videogame and Steam related, and the present post is the first entry in the series, where I write about all the games I like, including the casino games I play at playcroco site online.

Future topics include building your own Steam Machine, SteamOS vs. Big Picture, virtual card trading tips, installing Netflix or other streaming services, adding more soundtracks to the Music app and much, much more. As most of my work, these will mostly be text-based articles and tutorials. However, I know many of your prefer the one image instead of a thousand word. Which is why, if all goes as planned, most posts will be accompanied by personalized video content. It’ll be a way to keep my editing skills fresh. These clips will be published on my official YouTube channel and linked here. You’re all welcome to follow us on YouTube as well.

To mark the occasion, I’ve prepared a teaser trailer to promote Steam Roller, which you can find at the bottom of the page. Give it a watch and a like. And make sure to bookmark to find future entries. Also look for Steam Roller on your favorite social media site with the username @irollwithsteam. Game on!

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